Our Products


The tag collects and stores position and sensor data. It transmits the data and receives configuration commands via the two-way RF link with the ICARUS payload in orbit, handhelds and base stations. The tag determines its position in regular intervals using GPS and acquires data from accelerometer and magnetometer sensors, thus providing the capability of logging the track and determining the movements of the tagged animal with high accuracy.


The handheld provides short distance terrestrial communication with the tag. It is used to initialize the tag prior to attachment to the animal and to load the latest configuration data to the tag. After the animals are tagged, data can be read with the handheld from the tag memory and configuration settings can be transmitted to the tag. This enables access to the tag independent from the time constraints of the space link whenever the handheld is within the reception range of the tag.

Base Station

The base station is a stationary unit that enables the data readout from the tag and the transmission of configuration commands to the tag.  It is used in regions such as breading areas where the tag is expected to be for a longer period of time. The communication range is extended compared to the smaller handheld units. The base station is our terrestrial communication device providing highest performance and permanent availability in the selected area.